Journey to Rio Vista: My Personal Bay Area Backroads Adventure

Jay and I embarked on our own little Bay Area Backroads adventure today.  We took a drive out to Rio Vista because rumor has it there is a destination restaurant in the delta where one dines next to big game trophies from a time long past.  It turns out Foster’s Big Horn really does exist.  Bill Foster was a big game hunter and collected over 300 species of wild animals, birds and fish almost a hundred years ago.  When you first walk in, there is a long narrow bar to walk through before entering the main dining room.  This is where you come face to face with an amazing mounted African elephant head. In this day and age, it is hard to reconcile the horrible predicament of extinction many of these animals face but I feel this place is still worth a visit given the historical significance of this collection.  Highlighting this location is its very own virtual geocache aptly named Out of Africa (GC57FA)

Rio Vista has another claim to fame.  Back in 1985, this is where Humphrey the whale was stuck and languished for weeks before he was led back to safety by a boat playing acoustic humpback whale social and feeding songs.  A wonderful granite marker along the riverbank memorializes this event for posterity.  If it wasn’t for the virtual geocache HUMPHREY (GCEC67), I would never have found this spot or remembered this cool little tidbit of local history img_7488

There is a small museum named after the town that is worth wandering through, because the history here is representative of so many other towns sprinkled throughout this part of California    The historical artifacts are local donations ranging from personal mementos like high school varsity jackets, military uniforms to old farm equipment.  You get a good look at how this community has evolved in the last hundred years.

We finished off the day by solving an elaborate cache that required us to access our inner Macgyvers.  After searching some nearby trees for a while, the hint led us to this cute little birdhouse that brought smiles to our faces.  Dirty Bird (GC6CC9T) will get a favorite point from me for creativity and CLEANLINESS.


I can’t think of a better way to have spent the day than being out and about with my guy in this sleepy little town exploring the “bounty of the delta” as Jay so aptly put it.  By the way, next week is the 70th Annual Rio Vista Bass Derby which I am trying to convince my brother, the fisherman, to attend with me.

4 thoughts on “Journey to Rio Vista: My Personal Bay Area Backroads Adventure

    1. wheresjwo says:

      I am so bummed that I didn’t research my geocache options more before I went out there. For some reason, my gc partner thought the ferry was really far away but when I looked into it later, it didn’t seem that far out of the way. Now I have a reason to go back! Thanks again for reading!


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