O Christmas Tree (Lane)

’Tis the season to go and find GC216W7 (O Christmas Tree (Lane)). Ever year, the houses on one block in Alameda, California get totally decked out for the holidays.  People travel from all around the area to see the beautiful lights and decorations.  Some are whimsical while some are elegant. There’s something here for everyone.

In the midst of all the spectacle is a geocache hidden in honor of this annual event.  Admittedly, the crowds right now would make it more difficult than usual to find the geocache without being spotted by a muggle. I found it this past summer when there were very few people around.  

Tonight, Julesai and I were surrounded by throngs of fellow revelers. There was a group strolling along singing carols to a ukulele while others took time to pose with the various props.

My favorite of the night was a synchronized light show set to The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring Jack Skellington.  Lights were synchronized to a range of music including a song from the movie and a piece from the Nutcracker suite.  Every quarter of an hour the scene would come alive and the lights would dance to the music.  I didn’t even have to go to Disneyland for this magical interlude!

I highly recommend taking a drive to the island to see these festive displays with your very own eyes.  And the sooner the better so you can beat the crowds.  If this doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will.

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