Drinkin’ with Santa

What is my current obsession? Tiki bars! Why? Because I feel like I am at Adventureland, my favorite escape from every day life. Knowing of my infatuation, my good friend, KM, told me about Sippin’ Santa, a Christmas tiki bar pop up happening at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento.

Already a huge fan of the venue, I was super excited for the chance to see it transformed into a Christmas wonderland so I immediately made plans to head north for a night of holiday inspired tiki cocktails.

The tropical birds on perches reminded me of the Enchanted Tiki Room. For the special occasion, each one was sporting a Santa hat.

Kitschy strings of lights and shiny presents were hanging from the ceiling while tropical Christmas tunes played in the background. The end result being a wonderful combination of holiday cheer swimming amidst a sea of tropical color.

One of the best things about a tiki bar is the creative presentation of cocktails. The Sippin’ Santa event took it to the next level. The holiday mugs were festive while still retaining a funky tiki flair. Having a group of five was awesome because we were able to sample nearly every cocktail on the special pop up menu.

Another great thing about tiki bars?  Everyone is always really nice! I made a new friend at the next table over so I could get a photo of a drink we hadn’t ordered.

Each and every drink was yummy.  Rudolph Shoots the Curl, which we lovingly referred to as the Santa shot, was the crowd favorite. It was equivalent to a liquid version of an Andes mint. The chocolate creaminess garnered murmurs of, “Oh, that’s good,” from around the table. Each of us had somehow managed to get a taste of the world’s smallest cocktail.

It was cool that the seasonal mugs were available for purchase. The signature cocktail was served in a nice surfing Santa mug that came with its own little surf board. I was bummed it had already sold out. Since I couldn’t leave empty handed, I bought myself a set of rocks glasses the Hawaiian Milk Punch comes in.

This year, Sippin’ Santa is poppin’ up in New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Austin, Sacramento, Washington D.C., Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, Springfield, Tulsa, and Atlanta. The event runs through the end of December so you’d better boogey on over to one of the featured tiki bars right away if you want to experience it for yourself. For more information click here.

510Foodie summed up the night perfectly when she said, “It feels like I’m on vacation.” And that is what hanging out at a tiki bar is all about.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

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